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About Vedanta


VEDANTA comes from the Sanskrit words Veda (wisdom) and Anta (end) and signifies Supreme Wisdom. It is applied to the spiritual revelations of the great sages of ancient India as recorded in the final part of the Vedic scriptures known as the Upanishads. Dealing with the fundamental principles and the practice of spirituality, rather than with dogmas, rituals, or personalities.


Vedanta is the philosophical basis of most Indian traditions, regardless of sect or creed. Vedanta strives to be free from sectarianism and exclusiveness with an infinite scope for tolerance. Vedanta does not believe in converting from one form of faith to another, but it seeks to help each one to follow his or her own religious faith with whole-heartedness. Modern Vedanta teaches that all religions are paths leading to the same goal. "By whatsoever path men and women seek Me, even so do I reach them." Bhagavad Gita.


The comprehensive system of spiritual practice which it offers is known as Yoga. The term is from the same Sanskrit root as the English word "yoke" and means union between the soul and God. Yoga is typically divided into four main paths to suit the varying temperaments of human beings. These paths are karma yoga (selfless work), bhakti yoga (devotion), jnana yoga (philosophic discrimination) and raja yoga (concentration and meditation). Through them, one may attain the highest realization.





"Truth is One;
sages call it by various names"

~Rig Veda


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